Annie-B Parson

Doris Duke Artist Award, 2014

New York, NY

Annie-B Parson founded Big Dance Theater in 1991 with Paul Lazar and Molly Hickok. Big Dance is known for its inspired blending of dance, theatre, music, text, and visual design. She has co-created over 20 works for the company, ranging from pure dance pieces, to dance/theater works combining wildly disparate materials, based on such sources as Euripides, Flaubert, Twain, and found text. Big Dance recently premiered Triple Feature in Lyon, France and at BAM, and “Big Dance: Short Form” at the Kitchen. Outside of Big Dance, she has choreographed for projects including David Bowie’s Lazarus, David Byrne’s Here Lies Love, two of Byrne’s world tours, St. Vincent's world tour, a full length work for The Martha Graham Dance Co., and a solo for Wendy Whelan at the Linbury/Royal Opera House in London. Her honors include a nomination for an Olivier Award (2015), a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Grant (2014), a USA Fellowship (2012), a Jacob’s Pillow Dance Award (2007), Bessie Awards (2010, 2000), and a Guggenheim Fellowship (2007).

  • Photo Credit: Ike Edeani
    Annie-B Parson
  • Annie-B Parson- This Page Intentionally Left Blank (2016):
    This Page Intentionally Left Blank (2016)
  • Photo Credit: Paula Court
    Girl Gone
  • Photo Credit: Leslie Lyons
    Man in a Case
  • Ich, Kürbisgeist (2012)
  • Photo Credit: Paula Court
    Ich, Kürbisgeist (2012)
  • Photo Credit: Christine Rogala
    Supernatural Wife (2010)
  • Annie-B Parson- Supernatural Wife (2010):
    Supernatural Wife (2010)
  • Annie-B Parson- Comme Toujours, Here I Stand (2009):
    Comme Toujours, Here I Stand (2009)
  • Photo Credit: Peter Serling

What fuels your impulse to make creative work?

My work is fueled by an impulse to create multiple theatrical systems and allow them to exist simultaneously: allowing one world of movement, text, history, and music to act upon another. Operating under the premise that life is less orderly and more ambiguous than any one source. Allowing that colliding worlds and histories shed light on each other.