Bebe Miller

Doris Duke Artist Award, 2012

Columbus, OH and New York, NY

Bebe Miller is a choreographer, director, performer, and founder of Bebe Miller Company. For more than 25 years, she has been creating dances known for a mix of virtuosic dancing and fundamental humanity, including Verge, Landing/Place, Going To The Wall, and Necessary Beauty. She has received four Bessie Awards for choreography and direction, and is the recipient of multiple grants from NEFA National Dance Project and the MAP Fund, in addition to a Guggenheim Fellowship (1988), a Creative Capital Award (2006), and a USA Fellowship (2010). She is currently a Full Professor of Dance at Ohio State University, a Founding Fellow of the Center for Creative Research, a member of the International Artists Advisory Board of the Wexner Center and a board member emeritus of Danspace Project.

  • Photo Credit: Beatriz Schiller
  • Bebe Miller- Necessary Beauty (2008) :
    Necessary Beauty (2008)
  • Photo Credit: Julieta Cervantes
    Necessary Beauty (2008)
  • Bebe Miller- Landing/Place (2005):
    Landing/Place (2005)
  • Bebe Miller- Verge (2001) :
    Verge (2001)

What are your key goals for the award period? What challenges, desires, drives or needs are inspiring these goals?

I'm very interested in seeing what else I will make besides dance. For the last decade my creative work has included collaborations with dancers, media artists, writers and directors; each direction holds interest for me, as well as the opportunity to become a beginner again. I'd like to expand my exploration of visual media (mainly photography and video), theater direction (an apprenticeship would be ideal), and non-fiction writing (a return to journal writing and expanding into a personal documentation of process). In the past my own artistic journey has included all of these elements but generally with an expectation of some sort of synthesis, some kind of joining at the far end (The Big Product). I’d like to continue in these directions with less expectation of how to get there. So: a book? A movie? A new dance? Something in between? I'm very curious about producing an artifact, something less ephemeral than performance, something I can look at from all sides. And honestly, being back in a small studio, rolling around on the floor to find another way of moving, still appeals.