Program Partners

The Awards are an expansion of the more than decade-long relationship between program partners, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and Creative Capital. Both partners have extensive experience with arts grant making and expertise with helping artists and organizations achieve success. The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation has been a major supporter to Creative Capital’s core grant making program since 2000, and has been the largest single funder of all classes of Performing Arts grantees.

Doris Duke Charitable Foundation’s significant and long term support has recognized the value of Creative Capital’s pioneering system for support of artists that combines funding, counsel and career development services to help individual artists build more sustainable practices—a system that has made them the logical partner for the Doris Duke Performing Artist Awards. Drawing on their experience, Creative Capital will work with the program artists to realize and maximize the use of their Awards. All awardees will have the opportunity to take part in professional development activities such as strategic planning and goals assessment, financial and legal counseling, and networking opportunities.

In launching the Awards, Creative Capital and the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation worked together to develop various areas of program structure and operations. Building on more than ten years of experience gained from administering the Arts Writers Grant Program and MAP Fund, Creative Capital also maintains administrative, fiscal and legal oversight of the Awards program. The staffs from both Creative Capital and the Awards continue to collaborate, exchanging knowledge and sharing best practices for program development and implementation, from panel strategies to program communications, as well as budgeting and long-range planning.

The Awards program is fully funded by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, as part of the Doris Duke Performing Artists Initiative.